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How To Heal and Restore Your Womb

How To Heal and Restore Your Womb
Yoni Goddess Herbal Steam Blend | Love Box Brew Co.

For years, I have been taught of an ancient practice and routine that you can do to heal your womb – the sacred seat of your feminine power. Doing so will heal the feminine aspects of yourself to balance your spirit and with Divine timing, you will attract a rewarding life of love, abundance, creativity, and prosperity even after a past negative experience.

Many of us have experienced womb trauma through bad relationships, sexual and emotional abuse, molestation, incest, and rape. In fact, the New York Times reported that nearly 1 out of every 5 women have been sexually assaulted. Our womb supports our fertility. It houses our creativity and our intuition.

When a girl or woman has been sexually and/or emotionally violated this disturbs, disrupts and often blocks her natural and healthy birth rhythms, and her fertile creative center. When I mentioned birth and fertility I’m not just speaking of babies. I’m talking about the ability to birth our visions, focus on our ideas, manifest what we desire on many different levels, and create and recreate our best selves.

Our ability to love ourselves fully without shame and guilt has been tainted and poisoned due to sexual and emotional trauma. Our ancestral womb trauma is a part of our unhealthy sexual identity because many of our mothers have experienced sexual abuse, too.

But it is not just our past too, but our past lives as well! To cut the cord from any possible past love life trauma, you must seek your Higher Self through meditation and ask to be clear of any past life trauma that may be hindering you today. This will make a BIG difference and will help in your soul work.

My recommendation includes not just meditation but incorporating yoni steaming baths. According to Tracey Bryant, a womb health educator, she stated what yoni steaming does the best: Yoni Steaming provides a warm herbal steam infusion through the vaginal canal, cervix, womb (uterus), fallopian tubes, ovaries and rectum to fortify, cleanse, detox, strengthen, tone and promote healing and bring balance to the reproductive organs.

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Support Love Box Brew Co. at the Goddess Life Workshop!


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