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Love Box Brew

Love Box Brew is an earthy, feminine self-care and womb wellness company for women.

We intend to revolutionize the way women restore their reproductive health by promoting awareness and providing the tools as nature intended. We truly believe in the transformative healing power of using organic and natural ingredients.

We deliver substance to a social audience with a variety of informative wellness topics and high-quality functional products.


Our Mission | Love Box Brew


My name is Jasmine “Jazz” Feliciano and I am a woman on a mission to educate and empower women to take back their sacred power! Having worked in the healthcare industry for sixteen years, my professional life was centered on serving others in conventional hospital settings. Eight of those years was spent as a radiation therapist treating a multitude of cancer patients from breast to uterine cancer cases. After much research on my leisure time, I developed a strong interest in plant medicine and study herbalism extensively. My goal was to put my knowledge into good practice.

After leaving my career altogether in 2013, I converted my personal social media platform to teach and empower others to take back their health from a holistic perspective. This grew into a wellness blog called THISWOMANFROMNYC which then gave way to an addition, Love Box Brew. At its core, I develop and create products with love, sparks of imagination, and fruitful blessings with healing properties. I am passionate about helping others in the best way that not only delivers quality but compassion too. Together, we can reinvent the wheel and become a healing catalyst to spark something beautiful every day.