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How To Cleanse & Charge Your Crystal

A healing crystal never loses its Mother Earth given energy, but it is a great idea to clear and prepare your yoni crystal to release any negative energy that may be lingering. Listed below are 12 ways to spiritually cleanse your crystal. I highly recommend to initially charge your egg underneath the Earth: bury it under the soil for 24 hours. Doing so, releases any residual energy the crystal may possess prior to receiving it. Afterwards, your choice of cleansing is totally up to your liking. You'll want to charge and infuse your yoni egg with your own energy and vibrations for the ultimate healing experience. To do this, begin by meditating while holding the crystal in the palm of your hands and setting your intentions until you feel it is set. If you intend to insert the yoni egg, a gentle cleaning before use is required. To do so, place your crystal in a bowl of hot soapy water. You can use any natural soap, I like to use Dr. Bronner's unscented castile liquid soap. Gently agitate for a few seconds and leave your crystal to soak for up to five minutes. Rinse clean with fresh water and allow to air dry or gently wipe dry with a cloth. 

Please note to never place your crystal in boiling water and never use harsh cleansers or soaps.