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Undrilled or Drilled Yoni Egg? What's The Difference

Yoni Eggs Galore!Everyone is always curious about the difference between a drilled and an undrilled yoni egg and it all comes down to preference and function: Some women prefer a drilled yoni egg because you are able attach to a string like natural hemp or a yoni egg string. This allows you to have some control of your yoni egg without feeling anxious and fearful. It is very similar to wearing a tampon during a menstrual cycle. Upon insertion, allow the remaining string to hang down for easy access. When you ready to remove it, you can gently pull the string and out comes your yoni egg.


Drilled yoni eggFurther, a drilled yoni egg can be great for kegel exercises. Gemstone Yoni suggests a playful tug-of-war exercise: gently tug the string to pull your egg while utilizing your muscles to clamp and pull your egg back in. This exercise is awesome for building strength within your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. The undrilled yoni egg is wonderful for spiritual practice such as womb meditation. On a maintenance level, it is perfect for women who do not want the extra chore of cleaning the holes. It is great for learning to trust and allow your yoni to be in control. When you are ready to remove your yoni egg, take a deep breath in and out, simply squat and allow your vaginal muscles to push her out.