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HATHOR'S LOVE Original Sacred Womb set, Original Steam Goddess Herbal Blend & Yoni Bar Soap

Hathor, the Kemetian goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, helps you to honor your inner light and shows you how truly beautiful you are. In honor of Her beauty, this bundle was place together to bring womb beauty wellness to wombyn everywhere. 

What's included:

Original Steam Goddess Herbal Blend: Each batch is blended using certified organic herbs of motherwort, roses, lavender, basil, rosemary, yarrow, and raspberry leaf. It is charged with the nurturing energy of a rose quartz crystal and an amethyst point for relaxation and blessed with a sacred prayer for healing and set with an intention for harmony, peace and unconditional love. The package is half-size and yields about 3 to 4 full steams (use 3-5 tablespoons each steam per quart saucepan of steaming water).

Yoni Bar Soap: Lovingly created and collaborated with Kathy Rose Naturals, introducing our Yoni soap bar! This mild, gentle soap smells of delightful honey. With daily use, it can detoxify, bring balance to your natural PH, and cleanses the Yoni. It lathers well and is free of additives to maintain your sacred space.