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La Luna Nourishing and Healing Breast Oil

Our highly potent Breast Oil is intoxicating and nourishing for healthy and beautiful breast maintenance.

Chosen for their magical healing properties, these 100% organic plant oils have been blended to:

  • Promote healthy breast tissues
  • Promote circulation
  • Balance hormones
  • Support supple skin tone

Throughout history, breasts were a symbol of beauty, nourishment, and fertility. On a physical level, it has provided sustenance to children as babies. Our breasts are the metaphysical expression of divine feminine energy to our lovers and the universe as a whole; a lovely reason why we should take care of ourselves regularly by fostering a self-care practice of massage. 

By introducing the conscious ritual of daily massage, you will create a feeling of love, beauty, and self-acceptance. It will also boost circulation, relieve tension, and stimulate a flow of healthy fluids within the breast tissue and lymphatic system.  Nourish your breasts with love and experience a surge of healing, sacred energy.

INGREDIENTS | 100% Certified Organic

Key Ingredients: Jojoba for its oxygenated characteristic and non-comedogenic– Avocado (Persea Gratissima) oil for soothing and moisturizing the breast – Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) oil nurtures breast tissue and firms skin – Calendula (Calendula officinalis) oil helpful in dissolving lumps and keeps breast tissue healthy – Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) oil promotes circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties and is helpful to cure swelling and redness – Rose (Rosa damascena) absolute oil, rose petals, jasmine blooms as aphrodisiacs and promotes feelings of love and sensuality

Note: You may see flecks of dried jasmine blooms and rose petals in your oil. This is totally normal and will not harm your skin. In fact, theses organic flower herbs are helpful to support your breasts!

Each oil blend comes in an amber glass bottle with a dropper and an instruction card. Please store in a dark, cool place.

1/2 fl. oz. | 15 mL

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Alina .
United States United States
Every woman’s must have item

I love it. I’ve never used an oil on my breasts but since becoming pregnant I’ve really been taking care of my body and using the oil on my breasts is so incredible. They take the bra pain and new stretch pain away like magic. Also smells very good and relaxing. Thank you for creating this oil.

United States United States
A sensory & intimate self care treat ❤︎

This breast oil is luxurious, smells divine and served as a motivational invitation to pause and nourish a part of my body I usually skip over. The thought of taking care of my breasts retired after my children weaned years ago. This oil reminded me how my body provided initial nutrition to two growing beings, enhancing my sense of gratitude and appreciation. This sensory massage has become a highly anticipated daily treat.

Love Box Brew

Thank u so much for the great feedback, Alaina! Glad to hear that your experience with the oil went AWESOME and that it cultivated a sense of self-awareness and appreciation! Looking forward to serving u in the near future here at the shop ❤ much love to u in purple hearts! -Jazz